SKG – Going Nowhere

Rising Italian house producer SKG delivers the soulful ‘Going Nowhere’ – a fresh and vibrant fusion of electronic music, roots and reggae released on the legendary Champion Records on 20 September.

With ‘Going Nowhere’, SKG ponders about our purpose in life and in particular, interpersonal relationships. The energy of the electronic guitar and soulful vocal, atmospheric percussion, and poignant melancholy of the black horn section conjures up classic reggae and rock sounds, that produce a unique and inspiring cut that is perfect for balmy, late summer dance-floors.

As SKG says: “There are moments when you cannot stand in your positionand in your ego, even if it is the same that you have to forcefully carry on every day in your life. So, you decide to move even at the cost of ‘’going nowhere’’. It is then often difficult to retrace your steps and it is like being abducted on a train that has neither a departure station nor an arrival station.”

Mattia Masciari aka SKG was born in Catanzaro, Italy and produces a unique style characterised by black, rock and reggae influences. He has released on Sleazy Deep (‘Baby Eeh’ EP), Flex Up, and Hegemon. Supporters of SKG include Kryder, Taku, Richy Ahmed, Joseph Capriati, Ryan Blyth and Golf Clap.