XandL // Only One

Early March will see Champion Records offer up ‘Only One’ from Xandl, comprising three versions of the lead cut. Saint Petersburg based DJ and Producer Xandl is a relatively new name to most having only stepped onto the scene in 2013 via releases on Spirit Soul and Snippet Recordings, but the early stages of his career have seen him pick up support from the likes of Amine Edge, Coyu, Kolombo and Newbie Nerdz. Here we see the budding producer push on with a fresh new single for the long running, London-based label Champion Records.

First up on the package is the ‘Radio Edit’ of ‘Only One’, which as the name would suggest cuts the original track’s vibe back to a direct three and a half minute injection of modern house.

The ‘Original Mix’ of ‘Only One’ follows which sees Xandl employ an infectious, contemporary house style, fusing emotive chord progressions and bright vocal lines with swinging rhythms and a gritt square wave bass hook. Xandl takes a classic format and instills a charming contemporary aestheti here, making for a widespread appeal with this heavy hitter.

Following on the latter half of the package is the ‘Dub’ take of ‘Only One’ rounding things off by tipping
things over to a more club-focused feel.

‘Only One’ is out on Champion Records 9th March 2015.

1. Only One (Radio Edit)
2. Only One (Original Mix)
3. Only One (Dub)


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