Py // Polyethers

After releasing her astounding mixtape ‘Tripping On Wisdom‘ which featured collaborations with the likes of George Fitzgerald, Throwing Snow, Breton and Raffertie last year, Py returns with the long-awaited follow up, ‘Polyethers‘.

A song about being so in tune with someone you love you ride the same emotional cycle together through romance and nostalgia via the testing times, ‘Polyethers‘ marks the next natural musical step for Py. Showcasing her vocal depth and tone, ‘Polyethers‘ is an epic love song, complete with soul-tinged harmonies; both emotionally grand and understated in all its bittersweet subtleties.

Fresh from his groundbreaking Jamie Lidell remix, from Berlin based DJ/ Producer Jimmy Edgar (Warp/!k7/Hotflush) on the flip, Py has effortlessly managed to retain her contemporary electronic sound and clear artistic vision, rooted deep through ‘Tripping On Wisdom‘, whilst simultaneously showcasing her impressively versatile, pop-spattered voice.

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